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  • Special conditions for UK online competition and adult services

    Special conditions for UK online competition and adult services

    PSA (fka PhonepayPlus), the British regulator for PRS-services today publishes statements on its regulatory framework and special conditions, for online competition and online adult services. Proposals presented in the consultations published in August have been refined following engagement and feedback from industry and wider stakeholders. In their 30th year of regulating phone-paid services, the consultation explored […]

  • Dutch code of practices for SMS and DCB merged into one code

    Dutch code of practices for SMS and DCB merged into one code

    The Dutch codes of practice for premium SMS and DCB are now merged into one code. The new code will be effective from October 1st, 2016, except for the articles 19.5, 21.3 and 27.1.a which will be effective from October 17th, 2016. The Dutch version is available for download here. An English translation will follow soon.  

  • Change to services in the UK

    Change to services in the UK

    Globway has seen a marked increase in services using PSMS in a Co-Reg environment in the UK-market. In support of these initiatives and due to the continued high level of consumer complaints pertaining to the promotion and charging mechanism of certain PSMS services, the Globway board has taken the decision that it will no longer provide PSMS payment […]

  • Dutch MNO KPN steps out of DCB

    Dutch MNO KPN steps out of DCB

    Dutch mobile network operator KPN will suppress the header enrichment function as of July 1st 2016. In an official communication the Dutch MNO wrote that due to applicable laws and regulations KPN will have to deactivate the header enrichment functionality. In order to subscribe new customers, MSISDN recognition will be replaced by the current WiFi-fallback where the customer is informed of the […]

  • New Dutch code of practice for premium SMS

    New Dutch code of practice for premium SMS

    The Dutch code of practice for premium SMS billing has been changed. The self regulating body Stichting Gedragscode Mobiele Diensten will publish its new code of practice for premium sms billing any moment. Although this new code will be effective immediately there will be a transition period to enable everybody to make the necessary changes. All […]

  • New opportunities in Portugal

    Reaching more than 6 million mobile phone users in Portugal is now much easier than ever before. Our current Premium SMS flow is regulated rather strictly which resulted in a lower penetration, making it a less optimal solution to use with your services. The good news is that lower regulation for carrier billing brings new […]

  • Go down under and convert your content in Australia

    Reach 79% of Australian mobile users with a Globway carrier billing connection to 16 million Telstra users and 9.5 million Optus users. Want to reach the remaining 21% of the market? You can do this with our SMS-billing-connection for Vodafone. Australia stands for 23 years of uniterrupted economic growth. Doing business in Australia is very […]

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