• Dutch code of practices for SMS and DCB merged into one code

    Dutch code of practices for SMS and DCB merged into one code

    The Dutch codes of practice for premium SMS and DCB are now merged into one code. The new code will be effective from October 1st, 2016, except for the articles 19.5, 21.3 and 27.1.a which will be effective from October 17th, 2016. The Dutch version is available for download here. An English translation will follow soon.  

  • New opportunities in Portugal

    Reaching more than 6 million mobile phone users in Portugal is now much easier than ever before. Our current Premium SMS flow is regulated rather strictly which resulted in a lower penetration, making it a less optimal solution to use with your services. The good news is that lower regulation for carrier billing brings new […]

  • Carrier billing is a game-winning basket for consumers

    Mobile content billing, also known as direct operator billing or carrier billing, does not always capture the imagination like NFC-enabled mobile payments, but financially underserved consumers in both emerging and developed markets continue to rely on it to buy digital content. That trend will continue and has the potential to generate significant revenue. Direct carrier […]

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