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for television, internet and mobile phones worldwide

Globway offers billing solutions for television, internet and mobile phones worldwide.

We are working closely with Direct Advertisers, Social influencers, profit- and non profit organisations.
We have the best mobile billing solutions (carrier billing), premium SMS billing, and voice billing (IVR),

Carrier billing

In the Netherlands, Belgium and in various other geo’s we offer direct carrier billing services for mobile websites, webshops and applications. This can be in the form of one time payments or subscription services, customized in close cooperation with the local mobile carriers.

SMS billing

For advertisers on television and in newspapers we started with premium SMS billing solutions years ago in the Netherlands. From there we rolled out to various other geo’s with billing services through SMS.


IVR billing

IVR stands for interactive voice response, and IVR technology is an automated system that answers incoming calls and provides instructions to customers. With our expertise we provide Click-to-Call services, Premium IVR services & premium numbers for a large variety of partners worldwide.

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